How Service on Your Air Conditioner in California in Riverside Can Help Keep Your System Running Longer and More Efficient

Prevention is key

Living in Riverside, California has its perks. For example, you could enjoy a nature walk at Mount Rubidoux Park or Riverside Botanic Gardens on a cool morning. But what happens when it gets too hot and you’d like to stay nice and chilled out at home? In a location that sees temperatures going up into the 100s in the summer, you’ll want an air conditioner that works when you want it to. Having regular service on your air conditioner can help keep it running nice and smooth for years to come. Let’s see how.

Top it off

Have you ever wondered what makes your air conditioner cold? There is a fluid in your cooling system called Freon. It’s also used in your refrigerator. Freon is a hazardous chemical that needs proper training to handle safely, thus a trained technician will be the best person to check your refrigerant levels in your air conditioner. If your air conditioner has low levels of Freon, it will work harder to keep your house cool. This means less efficiency, and more cash out of your pocket. Be sure that your HVAC serviceman checks and refills your Freon if necessary for a longer-lasting, and energy efficient air conditioner.

Go with the flow

Having optimal airflow is vital for an efficient and long-living air conditioner. Dust, dirt, and other particles accumulate on many components such as: filters, ducts, fins, fans, and coils.  By Having a trained professional clean these parts, your air conditioner will use less energy, and not have to strain itself as much to run. This will usually result in an increased longevity for your air conditioner.

Pinpoints the problem

If your air conditioner isn’t running optimally, chances are there is a component that has gone awry. Instead of driving up to the local wholesale air conditioner for an AC replacement, you can take the less expensive route. Consider an HVAC repairman and enjoy the benefit of paying for only what needs to be replaced. This will likely be a small fraction of the cost in comparison to a full-blown AC replacement. Not only will this save you time and money, you will be restoring your air conditioner to a better working condition. Now that’s smart.