9 Reasons to NOT Service Your Air Conditioner

You are used to reading why you should be servicing your AC unit, but, as with all things, there are always reasons to not do something.

  1. You Already Have a Ton of Window Units:Window units, although unsightly, are easy to install and will have you cool in no time!
  2. The Unit is New and Doesn’t Need Service:It’s not like this large, expensive piece of equipment needs regular maintenance like a car, right? Be sure to service your unit from day one!
  3. Who Needs All That Freon? Coolant shmoolant. Just kidding… always keep the fluids up and the coolant flowing!
  4. Dust on the Evaporator Coil Adds Character: Check out your evaporator coil and be sure to keep the filter changed monthly. You will have a big, fuzzy mess on your hands if you don’t clean it out on a regular basis.
  5. The Water Stains Looks Nice:Neglecting to flush and clean the drain lines will cause leaks that lead to expensive water damage, including water in the ceiling. Don’t let that happen to you! Keep your unit flushed and clean.
  6. Who Cares if the Compressor Overheats? A compressor that overheats will easily cost $1,200 to repair, but that’s just chump change, right?
  7. The Leaking Duct Cools the Attic:Most home duct systems will leak within 3 to 5 years if not inspected and maintained annually! This is caused by vibration, expansion and contraction, as well as various other causes. Take the 10 minutes to inspect the duct and re-seal it, if needed.
  8. It Worked Fine 6 Months Ago: Couldn’t the same thing be said about most equipment when it fails? Stuff wears out, so be sure to inspect and maintain your unit to keep you from being left out in the heat!
  9. Who Cares if it Can’t be Fixed Until Tomorrow? The AC doesn’t wait for a nice day to break down, it’s going to do it on the hottest, stickiest day of the year. Unfortunately, that’s what happens to everyone so be prepared to wait if the unit breaks down during the peak season.