Air Conditioner Ratings Guide

We have prepared an Air Conditioner Ratings Guide to help consumers learn more about their AC options. Central air conditioners fall into three categorieshigh-efficiency, high-price; mid-efficiencymid-price; and standard efficiency, low-price. Thankfully, there really aren’t any low-efficiency models available today. It’s important to note that efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean good/better/best. It’s really a question of what makes the most sense for your home, in your area. We have selected the top three central air conditioners and have compared them to one another, suggested who would benefit from each model, and offered additional central air conditioners for consideration.

High-Efficiency, High-Price: York Affinity Series Model CZH Central Air Conditioner operates in high efficiency, but also is also durable and performs beautifully. Top features include 18 SEER efficiency which reduce cooling costs by 50 percent in most homes. It also operates very quietly. This model will begin to pay for itself as soon as you turn it on.  Of the top three models, it offers the best coil protection because the steel coil guard prevents rocks thrown by the lawn mower, or children. There is also a polymer mesh screen to prevent efficiency-robbing dirt and dust from clogging the coil. Consider the York Affinity Series Model CZH 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner if you are living in a warmer climate and you use your air conditioner heavily.  It should pay for itself within 3 to 6 years while reducing energy costs and keeping you cool.

Other Top High-Efficiency, High-Price Air Conditioners:

  • Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 Central Air Conditioner
  • Rheem RASL-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner 18 SEER
  • Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i Central Air Conditioner 20 SEER

Mid-Efficiency, Mid-Price: Ruud UARL-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner offers good energy savings with 16 SEER, along with features like a 2-stage compressor for balanced cooling and internal pressure switches to protect the compressor. This model features the Copeland UltraTech Scroll compressor, a top-rated compressor in the industry. It also features an elevated base pan to reduce vibration and prevent corrosion in the condensing unit. Consider the Ruud UARL-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner If you are looking to spend less but also care about efficiency. It is handy if precise indoor comfort is something you are choosy about, due to its 2-stage compressor and the enhanced humidity control.

Other Top Mid-Efficiency, Mid-Cost Air Conditioners:

  • Payne PA16NA Central Air Conditioner Review 16 SEER
  • Carrier Comfort Series Model 24acc6 Central Air Conditioner 16 SEER

Standard-Efficiency, Low-Price: Coleman Echelon Series AC5B Air Conditioner has been revamped and now produces some of the highest-quality central AC units on the market. The Coleman Echelon Series Model AC5B 15 SEER Central Air Conditioner is a prime example at 15 SEER and 2-stage operation that produces balanced cooling without uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. The spine fin outdoor coil is more effective in transferring heat to more quickly cool your indoor climate.This is a very quiet unit that has a patented whisper-drive technology. The 2-stage compressor is a rarity for a standard-efficiency, low-price central air conditioner. There are less expensive models in this class but they don’t offer the comfort features of this model. You want to consider the Coleman Echelon Series Model AC5B 15 SEER Central Air Conditioner if you live in a moderate to cool climate where high efficiency isn’t required but you still want high performance. The performance features are those typically found in top of the line, high-price models. Value abounds with the Coleman Echelon Series Model AC5B.

Other Top Standard-Efficiency, Low-Price Air Conditioners:

  • Ruud UAPM-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner 14.5 SEER
  • York Affinity Series Model CZE 15 SEER Central Air Conditioner

This guide should provide a good starting point in determining the best unit for your home. Don’t let the research stop here. Compare prices, read more and best of luck!