Aire-Flo 13 SEER Model Number 4AC13L18P Central Air Conditioner Review

Aire-Flo is Lennox’s budget brand of HVAC units. The Aire-Flo 4AC13L18P central AC is very affordable and reliable. This unit would work well for homeowners seeking a 5 to 10 year solution for their home. It is a popular choice for vacation homes as it is not used as much as a unit in a primary residence. This unit, although basic, is reliable and affordable. Here is more detailed information about this worthwhile central AC:

  • It has a 13 SEER.
  • The single-stage scroll compressor offers reliable service that is quieter than most.
  • There is an outdoor coil with copper tubing and aluminum fins for faster cooling.
  • It is factory-tested for leaks and performance before shipping.
  • The balanced, direct-drive fan is quiet and requires no maintenance.
  • The unit is covered by a galvanized steel cabinet to protect its components and resist corrosion and chips.
  • It uses eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

Pricing:This is an affordable unit. Here is the current pricing for the most popular sizes:

  • 1.5 ton Aire-Flo 4AC13L18P central air conditioner: $949
  • 2.0 ton Aire-Flo 4AC13L18P central air conditioner: $999
  • 3.0 ton Aire-Flo 4AC13L18P central air conditioner: $1,249
  • 4.0 ton Aire-Flo 4AC13L18P central air conditioner: $1,499
  • 5.0 ton Aire-Flo 4AC13L18P central air conditioner: $1,659

This unit is backed by a 5-year parts and compressor warranty. This is an average warranty for a budget brand. Aire-Flo does offer a 10-year extended warranty that also covers labor. Definitely purchase the extended warranty if you plan to use this model heavily. We recommend having this unit installed by a qualified professional. Expert installation will ensure that your unit operates as it should. The technician will have the know-how not only to install the unit, but to adjust the system to achieve the highest efficiency, based on the needs of your home.