Amana Distinctions Packaged Air Conditioners 15 SEER GPC15M Review

Amana Distinctions is the finest series of HVAC equipment produced by Amana and the 15 SEER GPC15M is one of the top-of-the-line. This unit would work well in a very warm climate where heating is either not necessary or very rarely used. It is also popular for use in light commercial and retail buildings. This model does have a single-speed blower, which does not regulate indoor temperature or remove humidity as well as a variable blower. Its single-stage compressor is not as quiet as a two-stage compressor. These drawbacks aside, the GPC15M is very affordable. This review will include information about features, pricing, warranty, and installation.


  • Energy Star-rated 15 SEER
  • Efficient, eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Insulated compressor is for quiet operation
  • EEM high-efficiency blower motor
  • Copper tube coil and aluminum fin for superior heat transfer
  • Louvered sides provide better air flow and coil protection
  • Can be installed in horizontal or downflow position
  • Electric heat kit can be added

 Pricing: Amana is known for combining quality and value. Contact your local dealer for the most accurate pricing. Here is current pricing for this model:

  • 3-ton Amana Distinctions Packaged Air Conditioner GPC15M: $2,679
  • 4-ton Amana Distinctions Packaged Air Conditioner GPC15M: $2,949
  • 5-ton Amana Distinctions Packaged Air Conditioner GPC15M: $3,439 

Warranty: Amana is well-known for its competitive warranties. This unit comes with a 10-year limited warranty that covers the compressor and all functional parts. Extended warranties are available to cover labor.

 Quality Installation Provides Better Performance: We recommend choosing an experienced, quality HVAC technician to install your unit. The unit will only work as well as it is installed, and a poor installation will mean higher energy bills for you and a shorter life for your unit. A good HVAC technician will have the know-how to install the unit and ability to calibrate it to your home’s specific needs so you’re getting the most for your money. If installed correctly, this model will keep your utility bills down with reliable service for many years.