Benefits of a Small Gas Furnace

Furnaces are smaller and more efficient than ever. There are many benefits to purchasing a small gas furnace and this article will share a few. Small gas furnaces are a great option for small dwellings, outbuildings, and garages. Get warm in your workspace for less than electric heat by switching to a small gas furnace.

What is a Small Gas Furnace?

The size refers to the amount of BTU’s the furnace can put out. The small category is considered about 18,000 to 30,000 BTUs. This is enough to heat a small home, apartment, or outbuilding like a shop or garage. Some large manufactures produce small furnaces. Small also refers to the physical size of the furnace. Some of the smallest furnaces can even fit into a small cabinet or cupboard.

Non-Residential Applications: Smaller gas furnaces are a great option for someone working in a small shop, garage, or detached office space. These spaces are often heated with electric heaters, but they are not efficient when used too often. These small furnaces can run on gas or propane and will produce a quality, affordable heat. Use the unit with a programmable thermostat to make sure your workspace is toasty before the day begins.  Check with your local HVAC service technician to see what’s available in your area. Contact a qualified HVAC professional in your area to learn more about these units and if they would suit your needs.