Benefits of a Split Air Conditioner

Want to beat the heat without breaking the budget? Consider a split AC unit! As the name implies, split air conditioners have half the unit inside the home (the air handler which is sometimes also the furnace) and the other half outside (the compressor). Here are some of the benefits of a split air conditioner.

Cost Savings: These units are far less expensive than central AC. They are also cheaper to install. There are some mini-split AC units that allow up to four air handlers working with one compressor. These aren’t as economical because of the amount of air handlers. If that many air handlers are needed to keep the home comfortable, consider a more efficient central AC.

Quiet and Efficient: These units are known for their quiet operation. The compressor makes most of the noise and when it’s located outside, there is much less racket. Many split AC units have a SEER rating of 11 or better which makes these efficient cooling units.

Installation: Unlike a window air conditioner, consider hiring a qualified HVAC professional to install this unit. Contact several contractors and get written estimates for the work. When considering installers, ask about their experience with split system units and the brand you want to install. Split systems aren’t cheap and you want to make sure they are installed properly to get the most for your money.

Shopping for a Split Air Conditioner: Research different brands and units, and be sure to read consumer reviews to see how people like the unit you are considering. Evaluate whether the reviews are positive or negative and decide if more research is needed. It’s probably most affordable to buy a split unit online, but be careful as some manufacturers void their warranties if their products are purchased online. Consider the cost of installation and shipping, too. Consider a split AC unit if you want to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors during the summer, but don’t live in a climate where heavy cooling is needed. They are quiet, efficient and a good value.