Best furnaces under $2000

When it comes to gas furnaces, do you get what you pay for? Not exactly. There are many affordable, quality units available for less than $2,000. Most top manufacturers make great furnaces at even better prices. These units would work well for homeowners who live in warmer climates and who don’t plan to stay in their current home for more than 10 to 12 years.

1. Lennox Merit Series ML195 Gas Furnace

This furnace is 95 percent efficient and Energy Star-rated. It will reduce your utility bills when replacing an older unit. It is built with a high-quality heat exchanger and that will provide many years of reliable service. This is a great option for a medium-sized home.

2. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

The gas furnace is 80 percent efficient and may be the best in its class. It features two-stage heating with a variable-speed fan for added comfort. It is made with outstanding quality and will easily last for 20 years in a moderate to warm climate.

3. Goodman GMVM96

This is the only modulating gas furnace on the market for less than $2,000. The modulating gas valve provides exceptional climate control and will reduce utility bills.

4. Bryant Preferred Series 95 AFUE

The Bryant Preferred Series is an industry-favorite that is built with quality, efficient components. It features two-stage heating with a variable speed blower for precise climate control.

5. Amana AMVC95 Gas Furnace

Amana a quality brand that is often overlooked. This furnace is 95 percent efficient and is equipped with a two-stage gas valve and variable-speed blower for enhanced climate control. This is the largest model on the list at 115,000 BTUs but is just a tad over budget at $2,069.

6. American Standard Silver SI+ 80 Gas Furnace

American Standard is largely considered the standard for gas furnaces. The Silver SI+80 is not quite the top-of-the-line, but very close! This is a quality furnace that is relatively efficient. It is not well-suited for someone who values energy efficiency or who lives in a cold climate. This unit would do well in a warm climate where the furnace isn’t heavily used.

7. Trane Two-Stage XV80i Gas Furnace

This is another two-stage furnace that includes a variable-speed fan for enhanced climate control. It comes with a 10-year general parts warranty and a  20-year heat exchanger warranty.

As always we recommend using a qualified contractor to install your HVAC equipment. Proper installation ensures that your unit operates with maximum performance and efficiency for many years to come.