The Best Monthly AC Maintenance Tips for Gainesville, Florida Residents During the Summer

Proper AC maintenance is important to expand the overall life of an AC unit. To attain optimum cooling and to have the AC work superiorly, monthly air conditioner maintenance adds to its longevity. People who take it for granted and don’t care about the seasonal service are more likely to get stuck in a situation where there air conditioner becomes a piece of discomfort.

Florida is a beautiful place with Gulf beaches, friendly people, and warm winters but the summers are extremely hot. The constant heat is unbearable which stimulates the need of a perfectly working air conditioner.

Dollars used to cool a house instantly add to the monthly budget so to avoid this expense, go for a monthly AC maintenance and keep the unit up and running. Here are few tips to make sure the AC is ready to keep you cool this summer in Florida.

Replace the AC Filters

Once a month, change the AC filters. It is a must to let the AC work in a proper condition. Air filters prevent outside dust and dirt to accumulate inside the expensive equipment so keeping it clean is important. Now after regular usage, this debris gathers on the filter and blocks it. So, because the filter is not clean, the AC pump finds it hard to spread cool air in the house.

Before summers hit the town, change the filters if you want to save your money and not have to have an AC replacement.

Clean the Grass or Shrubs from the Condenser

The condenser is the main part of the AC unit and you have to ensure that nothing is harming its efficiency. Shrubs, grass, or broken leaves enter the condenser unit which leads to damage, so to make it serve you for longer years, wipe the debris away. While you take the cleaning challenge at home, make sure to clear everything that can stop the condenser to work properly and impede the airflow.

Check the Ducts

Sooner or later, dust and allergens will gather in the ductwork, so while doing the AC service, clean the ductwork as well. If the ductwork is not clean, it will pollute the air inside of your home and also increase the electricity bills thus putting a hole in your pockets.

Summers are the most demanding season. So, gear up to bear the Florida heat with peace and make AC maintenance a habit every season. If you have had the same air conditioning unit for over 15-20 years, it may be time to look for a new wholesale air conditioner. You can contact your technician to guide you to a good wholesale air conditioner store.