The Best Monthly Maintenance Summer Ideas For Florida Residents In Central Sarasota

Sarasota is a city and seat of Sarasota County located on the southwestern coast of the State of Florida. According to the United States Census Bureau, Sarasota had a population of 53,326 in 2013.  The islands that mark the end of Sarasota from the neighboring Gulf are called Keys. The Keys have become very famous in the U.S. and beyond because of sandy beaches that attract thousands of visitors every summer. Florida is one of the best places to live because of warm winters, lovely sandy Atlantic beaches, natural features and friendly people.

In places such as Central Sarasota, the scenic view of the Gulf Beaches and the Atlantic Ocean in the background leaves a lasting impression. While every American would dream of living in Central Sarasota, FL, he/she has to contend with high power costs. The monthly power costs in Florida are 40% higher compared to other parts of the US. Besides, the power costs take approximately 27% of the entire monthly cost in every home. The following are top monthly maintenance tips during summer for Florida residents in Central Sarasota.

Monthly maintenance tips during summer for Central Sarasota, FL

  • Reduce appliances and lighting use

Inside the house, appliances such as the oven and light bulbs contribute to heat buildup. Instead of using the appliances all the time, consider microwaving or grilling. Switching to more energy efficient bulbs will also help. The Department of Energy recommends natural clothes and utensil drying to reduce the use of dryers that cause a lot of heat and also raise utility bills.

  • Check the air conditioner for possible repairs or replacement

After many months of use through the year the air conditioner or some of its parts might be damaged and require repair. In particular, you should check the status of the filters, thermostat, and coils to have them replaced for optimal operation. It is also advisable to consider AC replacement if it is suffering from regular breakdowns or is very old. A fully functioning AC will help to keep your power cost lower as well.

  • Use home improvement to cool the house

There are several ways to keep your home cool without raising associated power demand. First, you can acquire the latest AC system and have it installed by a professional. Look for a wholesale air conditioner dealer in Central Sarasota, FL to enjoy lower costs and higher value for your money. Second, you can use home improvement to help absorb solar radiation or reflect it away. For example, you might consider installing solar panels to capture light and reflect the excess away. Others include reflective roofing and reflective blinds that reduce the amount of heat getting into the house. With a cooler house, the need for air conditioning and demand for power will be reduced.