The Best Monthly Maintenance Tips During the Summer for California Residents in Riverside

Hot, hot, hot

When the average high temperatures of your city soars into the mid 90s, you’d better have some effective methods to cool yourself off. In a city like Riverside—located in California, and named after its geographic location to the Santa Ana River—you’ll see temperatures as high as this in the summer. So, what’s an effective way to cool off? An air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to cool off your living space in the heat of the day or night. So how can you be sure it will run at its best when you need it the most?

Check out some of these monthly maintenance tips to try out on your air conditioner before the heatwaves start coming in hot.

Note: Before starting any maintenance involving the AC unit, be sure to power it off.

Clean or replace

With the high volume of air coming in from the outdoors, you can bet that your air filters are working hard to intercept the many particles it encounters. Therefore, it’s important to check your filters at least once a month. A clogged filter can greatly impede airflow, making your air conditioner work extra hard, possibly resulting in a premature failure of your cooling system. Clean or buy a quality filter to save yourself a trip to local wholesale air conditioner shop for an AC replacement.

Give it a trim

If you notice any tall grass, bushes in need of trimming, or any other types of obstructions within two feet of your air conditioner, take the necessary measures to clear them away. Your air conditioner needs some space around it for optimal airflow.

Needs a bath

Remove the top grate of your air conditioner, and the condenser fan if necessary. Doing so will give you full access to the inside of your outdoor unit. Before hosing anything off, make sure to clear out any leaves or other debris that may have found a home in your air conditioner. After the interior is cleared out, use a garden hose and spray down the small metal slats that line the interior. These are called fins, and they are susceptible to grime build-up. This is where it’s important to pay attention to detail. Thoroughly clean between each one. While you’re at it, straighten the bent fins. Make this job a breeze by using an inexpensive specialty tool called a fin comb (purchased at a wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store).

Check for leaks

Check any hoses and their connection points for any cracks or leaks. If you notice a broken hose, make sure to repair it promptly to cause any further leaking or damage. If you notice any liquid around your air conditioner, take caution, and call an HVAC serviceman to make the necessary repairs. The reason for this is that the liquid could be refrigerant which is very dangerous to your body, and should be avoided at all costs.