The best way Bradenton residents in Florida control Humidity in their homes

With an annual daily average of 87.5 percent humidity, Bradenton locals are no stranger to the effects of humidity. From mold growth to warped wooden fixtures, humidity thrives both inside and outside of our homes. Take a minute to think like the locals do and create effective changes in your home to keep the humidity levels in check.

The best way to reduce humidity indoors is an energy efficient, wholesale air conditioner. By filtering through debris and pollutants, air conditioners are constantly improving the air quality indoors. Residents of Bradenton, FL recommend getting an air conditioner that also serves as a dehumidifier. Two birds with one stone, right? You will not only save money by investing in one, high quality and well performing unit but you will also benefit from a dehumidifier that filters through any unwanted gunk while simultaneously cooling your home. Don’t have a dual purpose air conditioner? Don’t sweat it! We have you covered with your next energy efficient AC replacement.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that once you have an AC, you’re completely off the hook for controlling humidity indoors. On average, the humidity in Bradenton is 35 to 50 percent more than what national weather organizations deem as the most comfortable level of humidity, hovering between 25-35 percent. What’s more is that inside, our homes tend to run more humid than outdoors-if left untouched. From cooking, washing and drying clothes to bathing, our homes are filled with watery molecules creating an optimal climate for humidity and consequential damages.

To lower your home’s indoor levels of humidity, follow these three steps:

Check your home’s ductwork and insulation. Ensuring that the ductwork and foundational insulation are intact is key to ensuring that you know what level of humidity you’re working with.

Share the load. If you’re like most residents of Bradenton, you have your air conditioner on nearly 24/7. And while it definitely helps to filter through humidity, you have more tools at your disposal that are efficient in both action and energy. Run your bathroom fans an hour or longer after use as well as the stove top fan in your kitchen. These will both help to take the extreme pressures off of your AC, extending its life while tag-teaming humidity control. Goodbye, premature AC replacement. You won’t be needed for a long time.

And lastly: Respond quickly to leaks or signs of humidity. Creating regular routines that include peaking underneath your sinks, checking your air conditioner for moisture or condensation as well as other units that may be cooler than the air.

Letting humidity fester will only bring damage to your home and potentially your health. With simple routines, planning and thoughtful investments in your wholesale air conditioner are Bradenton’s residents key tips for abolishing indoor humidity.