The Best Way Cincinnati Residents in Ohio Control Humidity In Their Homes

Humidity is perhaps one of the most dangerous things in a house because it causes upper respiratory problems, incites allergic reactions, and damage to installed facilities. To keep the family healthy and safeguard your home facilities, it is important to keep humidity as low as possible. In this post, we bring the most effective strategies Cincinnati residents in Ohio control humidity in their homes.

Important facts about Cincinnati

  • Cincinnati Zoo started in 1872 is famous for being the oldest zoo in the US. It is home to 510 different species of animals and 3000 plant varieties. Some of the most viewed animals include the Bengal tiger, alligators, elephants, polar bears, and giraffes.
  • The Eden Park in Cincinnati is an important destination for visitors because it gives a panoramic view of the city and neighboring Kentucky. The park is home to more than 3,500 plant species from across the world.

Top methods of controlling humidity

Ensure the house is well ventilated

The buildup of humidity in the house mainly results from areas that use a lot of water such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is important to ensure that these areas are properly ventilated to direct the extra moisture away from the house. Consider installing an attic fan in these rooms to force the humid air out and leave the house dry.

Take shorter showers at low pressure

If you take longer showers with higher pressure, the droplets will be dispatched and spread into the house to raise humidity. However, shorter showers at lower pressure will only release extra water into the drain lines. Note that this method should be used together with others to achieve better results.

Maintain the AC system in top condition

An optimally performing air conditioner is crucial in controlling air humidity. However, this is only possible if the AC unit is functioning well. You should, therefore, check the unit for damages and go for an AC replacement from the right wholesale air conditioner seller in downtown Cincinnati. Make sure that the new system is installed by a professional for assurance of a longer lifespan and higher value for money.

Remove the indoor plants outside

When green plants process food through photosynthesis, they give out oxygen and water as by-products. If the plants are many, the water can raise the indoor humidity with a significant margin. By removing the plants from the house, all the water they release from the leaves will not accumulate in the house.