The Best Way Riverside Residents in California Control Humidity in Their Homes

Frizz be gone

Is your hair experiencing that undesirable mess of frizz? The humidity in your home could be too high. Besides frizzy hair, humidity makes the air uncomfortably warm and sticky. Your clothes will start sticking to you because it’s causing so much sweat. So much that you might think you’d fallen into Lake Hemet. Residents of Riverside, CA may experience humidity during the wetter parts of the year, so we’re here to discuss some ways to keep the moisture levels down.

A breath of fresh air

The best ways to suck all of that humidity out of your home is with an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Since many air conditioners are natural dehumidifiers, you may not need to make any additional purchases. What you do want to do is make sure of is the proper functioning of your air conditioner. If your air filters are dirty, they should be replaced as soon as possible as to not obstruct airflow. Obstructed airflow greatly diminishes the efficiency of your entire air conditioner system.

If your air conditioner is outdated and doesn’t keep your house as cool and dry as it once has, you might want to consider an AC replacement. Stop at a wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store to see your options. Not only will you feel more comfortable with a new cooling system, you’ll be using less energy.

Fan out

During the times where your air conditioner is cycled off, you may notice the air become a little thicker with humidity. One way to solve this issue is by running just the fan portion of your air conditioner. This keeps the air in your home well-circulated, and less prone to a build-up of humid air. Another option is keeping portable upright or ceiling fans operating to push the air around and disperse the humidity.

Not so steamy

Do you take hot showers? Do you thrive in a steamy kitchen environment? If so, you’re contributing to the overall humidity of your home. Try cracking open the windows if your hot shower sessions are turning your bathroom into a sauna. This will allow the steam to escape more easily. If your kitchen gets extra smoky and moist while cooking, use a vent fan if you have one to pull away the hot air before it invades your living space.