Cleaning Tips From Cincinnati Residents In Ohio, 513 For Your AC Unit

Do you live in Cincinnati, OH? The onset of spring brings great news because you can venture outside to enjoy the lovely longer hours of sunshine. However, the rising temperatures cause a lot of discomfort if the AC unit is not efficient, has malfunctioned, or is old. While the damaged or old system might require AC replacement, dirt can be removed from the system to make it more efficient. Below are some of useful tips from Cincinnati, Ohio residents for your AC unit.

Useful facts about Cincinnati, OH

The city of Cincinnati is considered a city that is “purely” American because it was the first one to be formed following the American Revolution. During its development, Cincinnati had less European influence compared to others in the eastern US such as New York and New Orleans.  In the 1800s, it used to be called the “Paris of America.” The city of Cincinnati is home to two great sports teams; the Cincinnati Bengals of NFL and Cincinnati Reds of the country’s baseball league. The core metro area of Cincinnati spreads widely from sections of Southern Ohio to the Northern Kentucky. The total area of Cincinnati is 79.54 square miles. Many noteworthy architectural structures such as Carew Towers, Cincinnati Museum, and Ingalls building make the city a top tourist destination.

AC cleaning tips from Cincinnati residents

After a long winter, the possibility of debris and dirt entering and clogging the AC unit are high causing reduction of efficiency.

  • To clean the condenser, it is advisable to do it when the temperatures are over 60 degrees F. This is considered the best temperature for testing air conditioner efficiency.
  • When cleaning the condenser, you need first to switch off power to the AC unit. The condenser always sucks dust, leaves, grass, and even cotton from cottonwood when drawing in air to supply to the home. Once the power is off, vacuum the fins using a soft brush while taking care not to damage them.
  • Once you are through cleaning the condenser, unscrew the fans to get access to the inner part. In many instances, it is very difficult to remove it completely. Hose off the fins, lubricate the ports and restore the system.
  • Make sure to check for damaged parts of the system and reach a repair expert. If the damage is too extensive, consider going for AC replacement.
  • To clean the indoor unit, you have to gain access to the evaporator located inside the metal duct. If you can get there, make sure to vacuum all the dust away. However, it is in many cases inaccessible especially in the new AC systems. A better way to do it is vacuuming the blower compartment as well as replacing the filter when it gets dirty.

If you can keep the AC unit clean, it will guarantee greater efficiency and lower power related costs. For AC systems that are damaged, it is advisable to look for a wholesale air conditioner dealer to buy a new system, enjoy lower rates and enjoy greater value for money.