Cleaning tips from Cypress residents in Texas 77433 for your AC unit

Cleaning your air conditioning system plays a vital role in maintaining your unit. When your air conditioner is properly maintained, you can make sure of its longevity and great savings on your end. If it is properly maintained you will not spend money on early AC replacement due to observing a proper maintenance procedure.

Cypress, Texas residents in 77433 zip code typically require the cooling comfort of an air conditioning system. They especially need this during the summer season as they have humid weather this time of year. July is the hottest time of the year in Cypress. Therefore, air conditioning units can greatly help in maintaining the level of air comfort in the area.

Steps of Cleaning Tips for your AC Unit

  • Turn Off the Power

Working with electricity requires careful and utmost attention due to the risk of dangers that come along with it. Before you even start cleaning your AC unit, do not forget to turn off or shut down the power supply. Do not clean the unit while it is turned on. The possibility of being struck or electrocuted from the moving parts of the air conditioning unit are high.

So, the very first step in cleaning your AC is to completely shut off the power to the unit. Look for an exterior shut off box near the AC unit, and turn it off. You should also shut down the power off switch at the circuit breaker box.

  • Take Out the Debris or Remove the Dust

You can start cleaning the AC unit by removing the fan cage on the exterior of the unit. You will need a screwdriver to remove the fasteners to take off the cage or the fan grill from the top of the AC unit. Then you can begin cleaning the debris and dust by either using a wet or dry vacuum.

  • Clean the Fins

Next step to the process is cleaning the fins. You can do this by using a strong flow of water from a garden hose. Spray the hose through the fins from the inside out to wash away any dirt or debris build up from between them. Avoid using a pressure washer because it can damage the fins. You can also use a commercial fin cleaning spray for particularly dirty fins. Keep in mind while using new equipment always read the instructions before use for optimal performance.

  • Perform a Complete Cleaning Procedure

Aside from the fins, do not forget to clean other parts of your AC unit. Also clean the area around the unit, the evaporator coil, filter, and evaporator drain. There might also be debris and clogged drains that will prohibit your AC system to function effectively and efficiently. Cleaning all areas are important to improve the air conditioners performance.Finally, once it is cleaned you can turn your AC back on to test it. Then you will notice the difference in the air quality and how the air conditioner operates.