Cleaning Tips from Fort Worth Residents in Texas for Your AC Unit

Long Live Your AC

Living in a place like Fort Worth, Texas has its perks. You can expect comfortable weather almost year-round. This means more enjoyable activities like a trip around Sundance Square or perhaps the Fort Worth Stockyards. What about when the temperatures prohibit your outdoor activities; not due to the cold, but the extreme heat. The months that may give folks trouble are June, July, and August, when temperatures can easily break into the 100s. How does one face this miserable heat? A good way to keep cool is by staying in when it’s the absolute hottest, and using an air conditioner when necessary. The more that you use your air conditioner, the more cleaning it will require. This is what we’re here for, giving you some of the best cleaning tips to keep your air conditioner running smooth all summer long.

Note: Be sure to unplug your AC and / or disable the AC breaker switch before performing any cleaning duties on your AC.

Tidy up

Notice any tall grass or other debris surrounding your outside air conditioner? Mow it down, and clear away any obstructions within two feet of your air conditioner to allow the best possible airflow.

Vacuum and Straighten up

Your outdoor air conditioner must face the elements year-round. Since it sucks air in while it’s operating, it’s prone to pulling in particles around it such as dust and other small debris.

If it’s not summer yet, now is the perfect time to break out the cleaning supplies and get to work on it. Start by vacuuming all of the outside components of your air conditioner. Clear away any debris that may have gotten caught up in the grilles that protect the thin fins from damage. While you’re at it, make note of any damaged fins, and straighten them up. It’s recommended to use a fin comb. This inexpensive tool (purchased at a wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store) allows you to easily straighten up any bent fins to restore your outside air conditioner back to a state of pulling in more air.

Hose off

After you’ve cleared away all of the dust and debris, your straightened fins are now ready for a bath. This job will require you to remove the top grille of your outside air conditioner. Be mindful of any wires that are attached to the fan while setting it aside.

Now you’re ready to hose it off. Starting from the top of the air conditioner to the bottom, run the water in a vertical up and down fashion to get in between the fins. Be sure to use a medium level of water pressure. Do NOT use a power washer! This will damage the fins that you’ve just repaired. Continue hosing off all of the fins until the water runs clear. Now you know all of the grime has been cleared away from the inside out. While the grille is still off, wipe down all of the outside components with a wet rag and a mild cleaning agent.

Replace that filter (or clean)

An easy way to ensure proper airflow is by having a clean filter. You should take into account that the more often you use your air conditioner, the more often you should check the filter. At the minimum, check your filter once a month. If you discover that it is completely caked in clumps of dust, consider replacing it altogether. Otherwise, shake it outside and rinse it with warm water and a mild soap. Dry completely before replacing.

Remember: Caring for your hard-working appliances such as an air conditioner will increase their longevity. Investing a little time and money cleaning up your air conditioner pays off in the long run. Instead of spending a hot summer day looking for an AC replacement at a wholesale air conditioner store, you’ll be relaxing in your cool home, thanking yourself for having cleaned the air conditioner.