Cleaning tips from Palm Springs residents in California for your AC unit

Dirty air conditioners are major disrupters to the midsummer chill out in Palm Springs. While most of the modern units bring with them self-cleaning functions, nothing is as effective as proper hands. Are you unfamiliar with the cleaning process of your AC unit?

Cleaning your air conditioner shouldn’t be as difficult as many people put it. To effectively clean your unit, you must know how to clean the three major parts of the system. Here is how you need to go about it:

Clean condenser coils thoroughly

The primary step when it comes to cleaning your AC unit is to turn off all the power running to the system. You must turn off power both at the source and at the circuit board. Because you’ll have to deal with huge outdoor components of your unit, it’s highly crucial that no power is running to the system.

To access and clean the coils, you must first remove the outer casing. After doing that, the next step entails getting rid of all other components that obstruct access to the coils. Doing that will grant you access to the coils. Once you have located the coils, you need to brush off any grime or surface dirt using a stiff duster or brush.

Remove and clean filters

AC units feature filter panels that act as the first line of defense against different airborne bacteria like mold and dust. The filters are highly susceptible to dirt and getting clogged. For that reason, they need regular cleaning more than the other parts. Fortunately, filters are one of the easiest parts to clean in an air conditioner. To effectively clean them, all you need to do is to take them outside and give them some bashing on a post or railing. By doing that, you’ll be able to dislodge most of the grime and dust.

Clean the unit’s fan coil

The fan coils are the part that blows cool air out from the unit and to the room they serve. To clean the coils, you should spray them with an effective cleaning solution, leave for some minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. You shouldn’t worry about mess or spillage because most of the runoff is normally caught inside the drip pan. When cleaning, you should be extremely careful to avoid flooding the drip pan. Before rinsing further, you should allow the unit to drain off completely.

The above are the three major areas of your unit that you need to clean.