Cleaning Tips from Riverside Residents in California for Your AC Unit

Stay clean

The main point of owning an air conditioner is to cool yourself off and breathe cleaner air. These aren’t so easily accomplished with a dirty air conditioner. The residents of Riverside, CA know the importance of a clean AC. This Inland Empire city of Riverside—the one that got its name from its geographic proximity to the Santa Ana River—sees summer temperatures that soar up into the mid-90s and even 100s on the hottest of days. With temperatures this hot, it’s crucial to have an air conditioner that is spotless for optimal airflow.

Let’s see some of the best tips to keep your air conditioner clean.

Check the filter

Cleaning or replacing your HVAC’s filters often is one of the simplest ways to keep your air conditioner clean. All the incoming air from outside must pass through the filters, so you can be sure that your filters are working hard to pick up all the dust and allergens that would otherwise cause you a disturbance. When the filter is filled up with grime, you’ll likely notice a decrease overall in airflow through your air conditioner system. If you leave this neglected for too long, it will cause your air conditioner to work extra hard to get your home cool. This can lead to frozen coils too, which make your air conditioner useless for the time being.

An air conditioner that is constantly cycling on and off is more prone to future breakage. Change your filters often to avoid the need for a premature AC replacement. 

Clean the drain pipes

If you notice that your drain pipes aren’t draining how they’re supposed to, they could be clogged. For this scenario, you’ll want to have a long, thin bristle brush to swirl around in the drain pipes to clean out whatever may be obstructing them. Clogged drain pipes can lead to decreased air conditioner efficiency and possible issues with mold and mildew. You’ll want this problem resolved promptly to avoid any future headache.

Give your yard a trim

Nature is going to continue being nature, so you must take into account the possible overgrowths. If you notice any tall grass, flora, or any other types of debris within two feet of your air conditioner, trim them down and clean them accordingly. The reason for this is, your outside air conditioner unit needs space to pull in air. If there are nearby obstructions, it will not be able to pull in as much air, resulting in a harder working air conditioner and more energy wasted.

Hose it off

After removing the top grate of your outside air conditioner, clean whatever debris that may be inside. Then, using a hose with medium pressure, spray down the many condenser fans that line the inside of your air conditioner. Careful not to bend these fins—they are VERY delicate. If you notice that many of them are bent, you’ll want to use a fin comb to straighten them. This inexpensive tool can be purchased at a wholesale air conditioner shop or home improvement store.