Cleaning Tips from Salt Lake City Residents in Utah for your AC unit

When you're in the spring cleaning mode in Salt Lake City, you possibly focus on your floors, cupboards and furnishings.

It's easy to ignore the air conditioner built quietly into the ceilings, but keeping it clean is a critical step towards reducing the running costs and improving air quality and energy efficiency.

Following are the cleaning tips for your A.C unit in Salt Lake City:

Read the instructions

If you have no idea how to clean your A.C, check the instructions. These should include how to access and remove dirt from the air filters, and any other user maintainable parts. If you don't have the instruction manual any more, you can easily download a copy from the A.C manufacturer's website.

Air filters

Filters inside the A.C easily catch microbes and dust particles, but if not cleaned frequently, they can collect and clog up with mold from moisture. That's certainly not a good thing for your air conditioner.

The more the filter is blocked, the harder the A.C must work to push the air through it. This simply means higher running costs.

Manufacturers recommend that you should clean the A.C filters every few weeks, though the need for cleaning actually depends on how often you are using the A.C. The more you use it, the more you need to clean the filters. Make sure you clean them at least a couple of times every year.

Indoor Unit Louvres

You can easily remove the indoor unit's oscillating (louvres) that are responsible for directing the air flow. Clean them and the space behind them within the unit, with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth.

Outdoor Unit

Maintain the cleanliness of the outdoor compressor as well. Keep it clear of the surrounding plants and grass and brush away cobwebs, leaves and dust regularly. Using a vacuum cleaner over the air intake can remove the dust from inside.

Regular Service and Maintenance

Your A.C system should be serviced professionally every few years to upgrade the refrigerant.  Also test the thermostat and ensure the internals are working properly. It depends on how much you use the unit, but generally a service every five years should be sufficient.

Regular servicing and cleaning will keep your wholesale air conditioner working for many years.