Cleaning Tips for Melbourne Residents in Florida for Your AC Unit

Keep it clean and cool

It is vital to keep your air conditioner clean for its proper functioning. You risk having to shell out extra cash for an AC replacement if you neglect the regular cleaning and/or maintenance that an air conditioner requires. No one wants to come home to a broken or poorly-functioning air conditioner after a long day out at Sebastian Inlet State Park.

Save yourself some money

So, before you go out and purchase a wholesale air conditioner, you might want to look for some easier solutions. Not only will you save money by foregoing an AC replacement, you’ll have a lower energy bill with a clean running air conditioner. Try some of these simple tips to clean your air conditioner before deciding on the more expensive options.

Tips to keep your AC clean:

Clean or replace filters

This is hands down one of the most effective and simple cleaning tips for an air conditioner. Cleaning and/or replacing filters increases airflow and reduces the chance for stray dust or particles to make it past and disturb other important parts of the air conditioner. You will also see an increase in energy efficiency with clean filters.

Clean around the outside AC unit

If you have overgrown bushes, tall grass, or other obstructions surrounding your outdoor air conditioner, clear them away to give your outdoor unit enough breathing room to pull in air. Any obstructions will lower the efficiency of your entire cooling system.

Remove dirt, leaves, and other debris

When you open the lid, or remove the caging for your outdoor air conditioner, you will likely find old leaves, dirt, or other debris collected on the inside portion of the unit. Cleaning these out will further improve airflow and reduce risk for important components from becoming damaged prematurely.

Clean and straighten fins

While the interior of the air conditioner is exposed, be sure to take the time to clean and straighten the fins. To clean the fins, use a garden hose and lightly spray along the fins until the water comes out clean on the other side. After this is complete, you’ll want to straighten the numerous fins that line the outside of your air conditioner. To do this, you should purchase a fin straightening tool found in hardware stores. This will make the job much easier than a makeshift device.

Clean evaporator coil

The evaporator coil is in the indoor portion of the air conditioning system. Remove the necessary covers or plates to reach the evaporator. From here, you can see if the evaporator coil needs a cleaning. If dirty, mix water with a mild cleansing agent and spray it on the coil. Let it soak for a few minutes and then lightly wipe off any dirt or dust that may have collected. While you’re at it, you will want to straighten any bent fins on the evaporator coil unit.

Now that was simple

Learning some simple tips to keep your air conditioner running efficiently all summer long was simple enough. Now that you’ve got your cool, you will have more time to do the things you love whether at home or the many fun places around town, such as Wickham Park or the Memorial Wetlands.