Cleaning tips from Novato residents in California, 94945, for your AC unit

In order to provide a satisfying environment for your family, a clean AC unit helps tremendously. In Novato, keeping your air conditioner unpolluted is a very simple process. Novato has been known to have some of the best weather in the United States. However, only a couple miles away after crossing over the Golden Gate bridge to San Francisco you will see a much different weather pattern. While Novato’s air stays clear and comfortable, San Francisco’s weather includes fog instead of the much nicer weather in Novato.

Any person’s most used appliance is likely to be their air conditioner. Your air conditioner is a very important member of your appliance family that contributes to make your home’s air comfortable for you and your family. Instead, you don’t have to suffer from the warm or colder air of outside weather conditions. In order to ensure the air stays comfortable and relaxing in your dwelling, keeping your unit clean is a very important measure. You must always check the area around your air conditioner and keep it free from any leaves, pine needles, or other things that would disturb the way your unit produces clean air. The first step you should begin cleaning on your air conditioner, are the fins located at the top of your unit.

They may become dirty from the dust and particles in the air. Cleaning these fins is very easy. First remove the top cover to your air conditioner. There may be screws you have to remove before proceeding. After removing the cover, wipe off any dust and filth on both the top and bottom of the fins. Hardware stores sell spray to clean these, but you can also use regular soap. While wiping the fins off, be sure to not drip any water inside your unit. After you are sure the fins are clean and clear of dirt. You should then proceed to the inside pieces of the wholesale air conditioner.

Your unit may have a door to the evaporator coil. Open this door if needed. Now you may begin to clean the evaporator coil. This process is easier than you may believe. All you need is a special cleaner, also sold a hardware store. Then scrub the evaporator coil with a brush. The evaporator coil must be placed exactly back inside the unit correctly in order for your air conditioner to function properly. Next, remove the drain and make sure there aren’t any blockages. Next, pour a solution of half bleach and half water to ensure there is not any further algae growth.  After the coil and drain pan are spic and span you must put them back precisely how you found them. Then put the evaporator door back and make sure is fully sealed. You may use duct tape if needed.

After cleaning your air conditioner, you should check the filter. If there are any major holes or you see any problems that may interfere with the functioning of your air conditioner while doing your cleaning. Like any major defects, broken pieces, or other malfunctions, you should contact a service repair specialist. In the best of scenarios, he can repair the problem with a part or two. On the other hand, there may be a serious problem with your unit that may result with an AC replacement.