Cleaning tips from Waynesboro residents in Pennsylvania for your AC unit

When modern AC units emerged in the 1970s, they have become an instant hit. As one of the most populous boroughs in Pennsylvania, the residents of Waynesboro were among the first proud users of air conditioners. Today, over 75% of the households in this area have an air conditioner. Not many of these AC users know is that proper cleaning is one of the simplest ways to keep the air conditioner running smoothly and to avoid costly repairs. Now let’s analyze the cleaning tips provided by Waynesboro residents in Pennsylvania. These tips will bring many benefits to your AC unit.

Taking care of the AC filter

One of the most important cleaning tips for your AC unit is to find, clean or replace the filter. The AC filter is usually found along the return duct’s length in the furnace, ceiling, wall or the AC unit. Depending on the age and condition of the filter, you should clean it or replace it. This activity must be conducted every 3 to 6 months. However, during the summer period, when the air conditioner is used more frequently, it is the best idea to clean the filter once a month. The same goes for homes with pets, located in dusty areas or homes where the AC unit is used frequently all year long.

Cleaning and maintaining the outdoor unit

Now here’s another important cleaning tip. Take some time to inspect and clean the outdoor AC unit. Remove leaves, dirt and debris stuck in this unit and use the necessary tools and equipment to trim branches and cut plants around it. The area around the unit (at least two feet around it) must be clear. Use a garden hose to wash away dirt accumulated around or on the unit. One of the main reasons why people are looking for AC replacement is the negligence of the outdoor unit.

Dealing with a musty smell

Cleaning your AC unit means taking care of musty smell too. If you notice something like this or you just want to prevent it from happening, open the front grille and get access to the AC drain hole. Check this hole and see whether the water can drain without any problems. In case the drain is clogged, use a wire clothes hanger to unclog it. You can also replace the grille.

Inspecting the evaporator coil

This is another cleaning tip that will keep your AC unit safe. Check this coil once a year and if you notice dirt – clean it carefully. In case you are cleaning/replacing the air filters on a regular basis, the evaporator coil should remain clean.

Using professional help

Finally, if you want to be sure that everything is alright with your AC unit and that this device is perfectly clean, use professional help. Air conditioner experts are here not only to offer wholesale air conditioner deals and to replace your old AC unit, they can also help you clean your air conditioner.