How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Bradenton, Florida

Every day, more than 65 million US citizens struggle with allergies. Locals in Bradenton, FL are far from immune to this allergen phenomena. Ranked within the top 100 worst places to live in the US with allergies, residents are searching high and low for the best, long lasting and sustainable tools for combatting seasonal allergies. And although taking pharmaceuticals in the heat of a sneeze storm is a privilege worth counting, we agree with pharmaceutical companies that there are more options to keep medications effective through limiting their use. Allergists everywhere acclaim the holy grail for those suffering from allergies to not be medications, but rather, air conditioners.

At the first signs of budding flowers and creeping temperatures bringing warmer breezes, Bradenton residents are hit hard with the humid air prime for carrying pollen. The first recommendation of local allergists is to make sure that come Spring, you have an in home air conditioner, and we suggest, a wholesale air conditioner to keep your health and wealth in check. Why? Air conditioners are the most effective technology at filtering through pollen, debris, dust, humidity and dander leaving your home a safe haven for anyone struggling with seasonal allergies. To ensure that your air conditioner is providing you with the highest quality of clean air, check and change the filter often. Come Spring, your air conditioner will once again be in high demand. Let your investment work for you through simple upkeep in order to avoid a premature AC replacement. Your lungs and bank will thank you for it.

In order to beat the heat from allergies, try spending mornings-the peak point pollen in the air- indoors in order to reduce allergic reactions throughout the day. Local allergists advise to plan for outdoor engagements in the afternoon or early evening when pollen levels are low. This may pose challenging in the hotter months when mornings are the most comfortable time to do yard work and outdoor projects. In these cases, try to shift these tasks to evenings when the sun is nearly setting and the sea brings over a cooling breeze. Whenever you do your yardwork, try keeping any debris such as leaves, plants or limbs in contained areas, preventing their decomposition from joining the air flow. Mold contaminants in humid air are a leading cause of respiratory allergies in Bradenton. By preventing mold spore exposure, you are supporting the health of yourself and your neighbors dozens of miles around.

In Bradenton, allergies are an inevitable part of life. But they are not a sentence to suffering. Enjoy yourself, stay cool and prioritize keeping the air you and your loved ones breathe clean.