How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Orem, Utah

Orem, Utah has wonderful weather. It’s hot, and dry, which can be incredible. It also has low wind, and humidity, and this combination can make perfect conditions for seasonal allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies in Orem, then there are some ways to combat them, and limit the effect on you.

The first thing you should do is check the pollen counts on a daily basis. Most local newspapers, news shows, and online websites will have the day’s pollen count. If it’s high, you should avoid going outside, if you can. You shoud also try to have someone else deal with any outdoor chores, such as weeding and lawn mowing. These chores can add to your allergies, so if you can’t find someone else to take of these jobs, then you should try to o them on days with a low pollen count, and wear a pollen mask.

If you take any over the counter medications to cope with your allergies, then you should try taking them before your symptoms appear. It’s easier for the medication to manage your symptoms if it’s already in your system. If you have very severe symptoms, then you may want to consider rinsing your eyes and nose out with over the counter solutions. You should always ask your pharmacist for advice, and use appropriate containers.

If you must go outside, you should take off your clothes and shoes as soon as possible, and try to avoid taking them into your home. You should also shower and rinse your hair to get rid of any pollens in your hair and on your body. If you have pets, you should rub them well before letting them into the house, and try to keep them off the beds.

You should try to have a shower at night, before going to bed. This can help to keep pollen off your bed sheets. If you can, you should change your sheets every week, and dry them inside. Pollen can stick to laundry outside, and then, when you bring the laundry inside, the pollen comes with it.

The air quality in your home can affect your allergies. Try to keep your windows and doors closed, and turn your air conditioner on instead to circulate air. You should change your filter regularly, and make sure that your air conditioner has been cleaned and serviced. Servicing can help keep your AC in good working order, but you may need to think about an AC replacement, if you are having problems with it. You may want to find a wholesale air conditioner retailer, as it can be cheaper, and you might find a great deal.

Seasonal allergies are not only annoying, but they can become very painful. If your allergies can’t be managed with over the counter medicines, and avoiding the allergens, then you might need to visit your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a stronger medication for you.