Concord Residents in NC share What to Do When Your AC Goes Out

Concord is the largest metropolitan area in Cabarrus County, NC. Established in 1796 close to the middle of the county, Concord had its early beginnings as a tiny settlement. Later, it blossomed into a big cotton marketplace. With temperatures rising to the 70’s, Concord’s summers are typically warm. July being the hottest summer month in Concord, residents’ biggest worry is their inability to survive in the heat if their air conditioner unit stops working. The average maximum temperature level that has ever been recorded in Concord in July is 90.30 degrees Fahrenheit, and this can feel too hot to stand without your A/C in full operation.

How residents cope with a faulty A/C unit

  • Seeking Professional Help – For most people in Concord, air conditioning is a necessity during summer and they cannot afford to stay without it. Their first action when the A/C goes out is to ask a HVAC professional expert to come over and troubleshoot their system. This is a prudent move, off course, as summer heat can be sizzling— even when it is accompanied by a breeze. It is impossible to lack an experienced A/C expert in Concord, NC, since most people work 40 hours a week and the medium worker’s income ($30,470) is higher than the national average salary ($29,701).
  • Troubleshoot the thermostats – An air conditioning unit will not work when the thermostat is faulty. The role of the thermostat is to send signals to the A/C unit so it can begin cooling the home. Some Concord residents prefer to troubleshoot their thermostat manually prior to calling a professional.  If the air conditioning system starts working manually, one will automatically know that there is a problem with the thermostat.  Then they will seek a professional’s help right away.
  • Inspect the condensate drain – Because of high humidity level in Concord, residents do face issues with their system’s condensate drain. It gets clogged up or filled with water, no matter what they try to do, the A/C unit refuses to start working again. Unless one unblocks the drain, and empties the water by removing the drip pan and dumping it, the problem will continue. If you do nothing, you might be forced to do an AC replacement later on.

Besides doing the above, it would be wise to have the system’s power examined before the summer season comes.  Seeking the help of a professional is necessary, if you are not a good technician yourself. Furthermore, an expert knows where you can buy a cheaper wholesale air conditioner in Concord, NC.