Fort Worth Residents in Texas Share Easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer


Some places are mild, some places are warm, and then some almost break the thermometer with their heat. Fort Worth, Texas is one of those places that easily reaches temperatures in the 100s on a hot summer day. Sometimes, even running the air conditioner on such a day isn’t quite enough. Before you throw in the sweaty towel and head over to Hulen or Ridgmar mall, let’s take a look at some of the ways to keep cool this summer.

Get your levels checked

One of the causes of an air conditioner not running at its coolest is low levels of the cooling agent, Freon. This refrigerant can reach low levels over time from regular use, or, god forbid, caused by a leak in cooling system. Consider calling a professional HVAC serviceman to take a look at your air conditioner refrigerant levels in order to maintain your cool.

Do not obstruct

Obstructing airflow is one of the main reasons why air conditioners have a hard time cooling your home down. Before you make any rash decisions, like buying an AC replacement, check your filters for any dust buildup. If the grime is really caked on, replace the filter with a new one in order to ensure proper airflow. Neglect this one too many times and you will be looking at costly repairs in the long run. No one wants to be sitting in line at the wholesale air conditioner store on a hot afternoon. 


If the air from your air conditioner isn’t reaching you, or doesn’t do a good job at distributing the air around your home, try using a ceiling fan. Make sure to the fan blades are spinning counter-clockwise. The reason for this is that the fan blades are angled in such a way to push the air from the ceiling back down to the ground. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, a portable upright oscillating fan can do wonders in keeping a room extra cool in combination with the air conditioner running.

Dress cool

So, you’ve got all your bases covered for staying cool. This last one is pretty easy. You just need to dress in loose-fitting, lightweight fabric. What this does is allow your body to breathe and encourages airflow—whether sitting or walking.