The Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency in Orem, Utah

Utah is the third fastest growing state in terms of population, and Orem is one of the most popular places in Utah to live. As the population grows, more and more people are looking to buy or rent properties that already have a good energy efficiency rating, or are looking at ways to make their property more energy efficient. There are so many different reasons and benefits to home energy efficiency, both for you personally and the community as a whole.

The first, and most widely known benefit of home energy efficiency is that your energy bills are lowered. You can see a noticeable difference in your energy costs by making even small changes such as replacing your exiting light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. You should also check your appliances for their energy efficiency rating. Every appliance is given a rating based on how energy efficient it is. You should consider changing older appliances for new ones, as generally speaking, new appliances will be more energy efficient. If you have an older model air conditioner, then you may need to think about an AC replacement. Your air conditioner is used frequently, particularly in summer, and replacing it with an energy efficient model can see a drastic reduction in your bills. You can look for a wholesale air conditioner retailer, as there may be a cheaper option for replacing your AC.

There are also some health benefits to making your home energy efficient. The air quality in an energy efficient home tends to be better as well. The AC replaces the air in the home every three hours, which means that with an energy efficient AC that is well maintained, you get more fresh air in your home. Energy efficient homes also tend to use less artificial light, and more natural light, which has been proven to reduce eye strain, and decrease stress levels.

Environmentally speaking, it is much better to be energy efficient. It reduces the energy that your home needs, which lessens the workload of the power plant. This, in turn, allows for more resources to be left for use in the future. It also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that the power plant releases, and decreases your carbon footprint.

In terms of the benefits to the community, becoming energy efficient has a knock on effect. As more people are becoming more energy efficient, the energy efficiency industry grows, and more jobs are created. Companies recruit more workers, and fund more research, which allows for more innovation within the industry.


These are just some of the benefits to becoming energy efficient, and there are numerous more. If you are looking into making your home energy efficient, then you could have an energy efficient audit conducted. This will show you the best ways to make your home energy efficient.