Heat Pump Ratings Guide

We have prepared a Heat Pump Ratings Guide to help consumers learn more about their heat pump options.  Heat pumps fall into three categories: high-efficiency, high-price; mid-efficiency, mid-price; and low-efficiency, low-price. It’s important to note that efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean good/better/best. It’s really a question of what makes the most sense for your home, in your area. We have selected the top three heat pumps and have compared them to one another, suggested who would benefit from each model, and offered additional heat pumps for consideration.

High Price, High Efficiency: Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP21 Heat Pump produces the finest heat pumps available today and the XP21 model is their top of the line. It delivers 19 SEER to dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs when it replaces models even 10 to 12 years old. In some homes, it has reduced energy costs by 50 percent! It’s no surprise that it’s expensive, but it will begin to pay for itself as soon as you turn it on. Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP21 Heat Pump offers iComfort technology that coordinates system components for optimal, consistent performance, making this ideal for someone who values consistent heat with little fluctuation. This unit is a hybrid that works with a gas furnace to take the chill off those colder nights in warmer climates. You want to consider this is if you want to lower energy consumption and utility bills. This unit will also help to reduce humidity during the cooling season. The Lennox XP21 heat pump gives you outstanding control over your indoor climate in every season.

Other Top High-Efficiency, High-Price Heat Pumps:

  • Ducane Model 4HP18 High Efficiency 18 SEER Heat Pump
  • Bryant Evolution Model 289B 19 SEER Heat Pump
  • American Standard Platinum ZM Heritage 20 Heat Pump

Mid Price, Mid Efficiency: Trane XL15i Heat Pump is the best-selling heat pump offers a very attractive balance between efficiency and price. It offers 16 SEER and 9.0 HSPF, easily exceeding Energy Star requirements. It is one of the most mid-priced heat pumps that does offer a line of communicating technology. It provides balanced, comfortable heating and cooling without blasts of untreated air at the beginning of each cycle.  The ClimaTuff compressor has a proven track record of reliability and longevity. Consider the Trane XL15i Heat Pump if you are looking for a very quiet unit because it is one of the quietest in its class. It also offers the Clean Effects air filtration option for enhanced indoor air filtration. This is important to many who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to certain pollutants.

Other Top Mid-Efficiency, Mid-Price Heat Pumps:

  • American Standard Silver XI 14 Heat Pump
  • Carrier Performance Series Model 25HPA5 Heat Pump
  • Coleman Comforteer Series Model THGF 14.5 SEER Heat Pump

Low Price, Standard Efficiency: Goodman 14 SEER R-410A — SSZ14 Heat Pump is a 14 SEER for cooling and 9.0 HSPF for heating. With these numbers, this unit should lower energy costs in most homes.  High- and low-pressure switches protect the compressor from operating before conditions are right, extending the life of the compressor. This unit features a top-rated scroll compressor from Copeland. When this heat pump is installed with a variable speed compatible Goodman air handler, the SEER rating is boosted to 15. It should be noted that 9.0 HSPF is very high for a 15 SEER heat pump. Affordability is also an important factor for this heat pumps, it’s one of the most affordable in its class. This unit is ideal for someone who lives in a moderate climate and doesn’t need high-efficiency cooling. The SSZ14 heat pump will save on equipment costs and be very effective in a cold-climate home that uses an alternate source of heat like a wood pellet stove. This model is popular with contractors, but that doesn’t mean it’s builder-grade, it means it offers a good value.

Other Top Standard-Efficiency, Low-Price Heat Pumps:

  • Dave Lennox Merit Series 14HPX Heat Pump
  • Trane XB14 Heat Pump
  • Payne PH15NB Heat Pump

This guide should provide a good starting point in determining the best unit for your home. Don’t let the research stop here. Compare prices, read more and best of luck!