How Service on Your Air Conditioner In Central Sarasota In FL Can Help Keep Your System Running Longer And More Efficient

How efficient is your air conditioning system? If the AC is not serviced properly, there is a risk of progressive reduction in efficiency and ultimate breakdown. In Central Sarasota, the temperatures rise so much that a failure in the house AC can cause to heat stroke and other serious health problems. There is only one solution to these risks and dangers; proper service of the AC.

Important facts about Central Sarasota, FL

  • While Sarasota occupies a total of 23.9 square miles, about 42.58% is covered by water. This has opened the city to numerous beaches and water sports that make the city a top destination in the US.
  • The climate of Central Sarasota is tropical savanna with very hot summers. Though the temperatures in winter are very low, they rarely reach the freezing point. The most recent recorded freezes were in January 2012 when the temperatures hit a low of 32 degrees F.
  • The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota is one of its kind in the US with a unique display of epiphytes especially bromeliads and orchids that thrive in forest canopies.

How servicing your AC can help optimize AC efficiency and extend its lifespan

Regular inspection to identify and replace damaged parts: Service of any AC starts with regular inspection. By inspecting the external unit, vents, fats, belts, and filters among other parts, it is easy to identify the faulty sections and replace them immediately. Remember that all the parts should be purchased from a genuine wholesale air conditioner dealer in Central Sarasota.

Replacing used filters helps to increase the efficiency of the AC: The air conditioner’s filter is perhaps the most important part in an AC because it cleans the air being sent into the house. By replacing the filters, you can rest assured that the process of filtering pollen, water, and dust will be easy, fast, and more efficient. Even after the AC replacement, it is important to check the air filter on a regular basis.

Greasing damaged parts and replacing torn belts helps to reduce friction and lower power demand: As the air conditioner works harder to clean and keep the air cool, the moving parts develop friction because of dust and grime build up. This raises power demand, forces the AC to work harder, and reduce the efficiency by a huge margin. By greasing the moving parts, you are sure of smooth movements, greater efficiency, and fewer breakdowns.