How Service on your Air conditioner in Texas in Richardson can help keep it running longer

Don’t catch the heat when the temperature rises!

With the summer temperature ready to peak, people in Richardson, TX are turning their wholesale air conditioner up to full blast.

The average homeowner spends more than $3,100 every year on energy bills, and almost half of that comes from the cooling expenses. However you can save energy and avoid the big repair bills by providing annual maintenance to your air conditioner in Richardson, TX.

Maintain Proper Performance of your Air Conditioner

The best time to get your A.C unit into top-notch shape is before the summers roll in. With regular maintenance, an air conditioner will keep up to 96% of its original efficiency. Systems running at the full capacity can reduce your annual energy costs by up to 30%.

Air conditioner replacement and maintenance procedures help you keep your unit at peak performance and get the maximum cooling from your AC system. The standard maintenance check list includes 24 points that are critical for the proper running of air conditioning system.

  • Refrigerant charge – It is extremely important that the coolant or Freon level of an air conditioning system be checked regularly. A 10% loss of coolant or Freon will cost the household 30% more in the electrical costs and can cause unwanted damage to your air conditioning unit.
  • Thermostat – Clean and fine-tune the thermostat
  • Electrical Readings – Check the amperage and voltage of electrical motors
  • Air Flow – Examine the air flow across the indoor cooling coil
  • Fan Motors – Check and lubricate the fan motors
  • Air Filters – Inspect the air filters
  • Fan Belts – Check the fan belts
  • Lubrication – Oil the moving parts
  • Electrical – Examine the electrical wiring and connections
  • Condenser Air Flow – Check the air flow across the outdoor condenser coil
  • Refrigerant Pressures – Check the running pressures on refrigerants
  • Fan Relay – Check the indoor fan relay
  • Contactor – Inspect the compressor contactor
  • Drain Lines – Examine the condensate drain
  • Indoor Coil – Examine the indoor coil
  • Reversing Valve – Check the heat pumps and their reversing valve
  • Capacitors – Check the capacitors
  • Temperature Exchange – Examine the temperature drop across the indoor coil
  • Condenser Coil – Test the outdoor coil
  • Sub-Cooling – Examine the outdoor sub-cooling
  • Super-Heat – Inspect the super-heat
  • Compressor Operation – Test the compressor operation
  • Defrost Control – Examine the defrost control
  • Crankcase Heaters – Inspect the crankcase heaters

A wholesale air conditioner unit running at its best efficiency will keep your place comfortable by maximizing the cooling and controlling humidity level. Also, it will work more reasonable and be more reliable for years to come.