How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Palm City, Florida

Hurricane Season is approaching and as all of you with asthma and allergies know, it loves to bring out the sneezes and wheezes among us. From mid-Summer to late Fall in Palm City, this town is wrought with pollen, air pollutants and more. But there is hope to keep your allergens and pharmaceutical digestion to a minimum. Welcome the sweet relief of watery, itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion; welcome, the glory of air conditioning. Not only will you be more comfortable throughout seasonal heatwaves, but your body will be healthier and more able to function at the speed you need it to.

Having an air conditioner helps in many ways. It cleans the air it’s using to create a steady flow of cool air into your car or home through a filtering system. In order to ensure that it is truly keeping the air allergen and pollutant free, make certain that all windows are closed and no doors are left ajar. This will minimize your need for air conditioner replacements over time. Your health and wellness are worth the investment when it does come to the point of a replacement. In Palm City, people use their AC year-round and have attested to its powerful impacts of reducing allergies and asthma throughout each season.

Of course, there are more ways to keep your allergies at bay. And while staying inside with your AC blasting is pretty much the best thing ever, we all know that you can’t stay inside forever. Let’s break it down by season. In Palm City, people with allergies tend to be most triggered mid-Summer to late fall…or as we like to call it, Hurricane Season. To reduce allergic reactions, plan your outdoor activities for the afternoon when there is significantly less pollen in the air. When doing yardwork, have a contained disposal area for leaves or debris. Mold thrives in moist piles of plants or leaves which quickly move its way into the air. Reduce the potential of polluting the air with mold through the containment or quick dissolution of debris. It’s also a good practice during this season to wear a mask while tending to yardwork.

Fortunately for local residents, Florida is not at the top of the list for Winter to early Spring allergies. Take advantage of this window to spend time outside in the comfortable climate. Clean your yard of ragweed-a common and invasive species in the area whose pollen is extremely bothersome and can travel dozens of miles on wind. Summer-ragweed can also damage your air conditioner, requiring an AC replacement. The pollen is thick and thrives in humid climates. Come Summer you will be glad that you weeded this doozy out!

When all else fails, local allergists advise to take a non-drowsy allergy medication and stay put as much as possible while continuing regular maintenance on a high-quality air conditioner.