How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Palm Springs, CA

Are you a Palm Spring resident that suffers from seasonal allergies? If yes, then it means that you’ll have to put up with bothersome symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion and sneezing. However, before settling for an artificial turf and plastic flowers, you should try the following strategies to combat seasonal allergies:

Eliminate mold

When cleaning your home, you must beware of mold. This is especially true when the weather begins to warm up. Mold spores can find their way into your nose. It can turn out to be highly harmful since it can trigger asthma or hay fever symptoms. For this reason, you should check beneath sinks, under the carpet and around the air conditioning units.

Adjust your thermostat reports that you can create an ideal breeding environment for dust mites by keeping your home at a humidity over 50% and at temperatures over 70 degrees. Consequently, ensure that the thermostat is at 70 degrees or even in the mid – low 60s, that is, if you can manage it. To regulate humidity, ensure the percentage is between 40 to 45 percent. While at it, use a home hygrometer or dehumidifier to measure humidity levels. Doing that will go miles in helping you save substantial cash when it comes to heating.

Overhaul the entire home

To many people, it might not seem logical. However, cozy indoors are often worse for allergies compared to raw indoors.

Consume the right foods

Improper eating habits can bring an array of health problems. Additionally, it can make the existing ones worse. Consuming the right foods can go miles in alleviating an array of health problems such as seasonal allergies and asthma. Countless medical studies say that powerful chemicals – antioxidants – present in fruits, green tea, seeds, nuts, vegetables as well as other beverages and foods can go miles in helping battle inflammation inside the body. That is a critical factor in controlling allergies.

Shed extra weight

Being overweight has been related to causing an array of ailments such as heart diseases to cancer. By having extra pounds, you’re bound to suffer from difficulties in breathing. This is the last thing you want to put up with when having allergy issues. More fat around the abdomen not only prevents your diaphragm from moving downwards, it also prevents lungs from expanding fully. Simply put, you can never enjoy a deep, good breath if you have weight issues. By shedding weight, you’ll be able to obtain the oxygen you need effortlessly.

As we wrap up …

Taking an antihistamine is not the only way to combat seasonal allergies. Apply the above strategies to combat seasonal allergies in Palm Springs, CA.