HVAC Installation by a Qualified Contractor

We recommend having any HVAC unit installed by a qualified HVAC professional. This ensures your unit will operate safely, effectively, and retain its full warranty. An HVAC installer will also have the know-how and tools to properly install your unit and calibrate it to the needs of your home. Unfortunately, many companies require that you purchase your HVAC equipment through them, preventing you from taking advantage of competitive pricing online or through a wholesaler. Some companies will install your equipment, but they will quote you for the labor and parts as if it were their unit, then subtract the price you paid for yours. This completely negates any financial benefit to buying the unit yourself.

Fortunately, there are more and more HVAC companies willing to install your equipment, and for a reasonable price. Here are a few things you can do to find a quality, affordable installer.

Tell Them About Your Equipment

Let the contractor know up-front that you have your own equipment. It would be a shame to pay them for a service visit if they don’t even install customers’ equipment. Tell them you are only interested in a free estimate to install it and remove your existing equipment. It doesn’t hurt to mention that you plan to call several companies for quotes before you decide.

Search Craigslist for Qualified Installers

Craigslist is a great place to find HVAC technicians who are either self-employed or looking for side work. Be sure to tell them about your equipment and don’t commit to anything until you have met them in person and have a written estimate.

Ask Family and Friends for References

You may already know an HVAC professional and not even know it! Talk to friends and family to see who they use and if they would recommend a specific company or technician.

Consider the Diagnosing Technician

Most often, the technician who found the problem is willing to fix it. Many will even do it themselves on a weekend, so long as their company does not prohibit side work. As we continue to expand our website, our HVAC Directory will include a section for contractors who are willing to install internet purchased equipment. Ultimately, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to find a responsible, reliable technician to service their home.