The Ultimate DIY Guide To HVAC Maintenance

The Ultimate DIY Guide to HVAC Maintenance

While some HVAC jobs are best left to the professionals, there are plenty of do-it-yourself jobs that keep your HVAC system running efficiently. So if you’re starting your unit for the first times this year or feel that it’s not running properly or efficiently, check out this guide before you make any pricey service calls.


1. Turn off the unit by either the on/off switch or shut it down completely at the circuit breaker.

2. Look over your owner’s manual.

3. Check the copper pipe that connects the unit to the house for cracks/leaks.

4. Rake any leaves or debris away from your outdoor unit.

5. Take the cover off of the unit and locate the coils (the look like a car radiator).

6. Brush dirt and debris off of the inside of the cover.

7. Cover the motor and wires with a plastic tarp.

8. Hose down the coils and the inside of the unit (try not to spray the motor and wires).

9. Let the unit dry, replace the cover, and turn it on to make sure it’s running properly.


1. Turn on your unit at the thermostat.

2. Listen carefully for strange sounds; check all rooms of the house.


3. Use a handheld thermometer to make sure all rooms are the same temperature.

4. Check your readings with your thermostat to make sure they match.

5. Look for any water dripping or pooling near the vents or outside unit.

6. If you notice water pooling, check the pipes for leaks and cracks.

7. Find the drain where condensation collects.

8. Clean the drain of debris if the water isn’t draining properly.

9. To check your condensation pump; pour water into the drain pan and wait for the pump to start.