Internet Love and A Second Look at Online Shopping

The creation of the internet has greatly affected the course of human history. It has changed the way we do almost every activity, from the way we communicate with friends and family, to the way we do business. However, some people are still afraid to shop online, especially for big purchases. While this may have been understandable in the early days of online commerce, the spread of the internet and the development of technology now makes online shopping easy, affordable and convenient for the masses.

The primary reason individuals do not like to make large purchases online is fear for the safety of their personal information. However, identity theft isn’t unique to online marketplaces. In 2013 the retail giant Target suffered an attack that compromised nearly 40 million clients. However, not even one of these clients were exposed because of online shopping, rather their information was stolen as a result of purchases at brick and mortar establishments. Additionally, security measures are constantly improving. Not only has encryption improved, but nearly all banks and credit card companies offer protection in the event your credit card is stolen. Finally, since the 2008 recession the government has enacted a number of laws that dramatically enhance consumer protection, which means that the world of online shopping is now safer than ever before.

The second reason individuals are afraid to make big purchases online are fears about the product itself. This is understandable, as buying something sight unseen can give anyone cold feet. However, a large number of online retailers have return policies if the product does not work or is deficient in any way. Additionally, by buying from trusted retailers consumers can be sure that their purchase will be the same as if they picked it up at the store.

Consumers who take advantage of buying online are a step ahead of store shoppers and benefit from many positive factors. Buying online lets you easily compare prices, features, evaluate reviews, and do research in real time. All of this makes the shopping experience faster and better for the client. People use the internet to find their soul-mates, buy cars, houses, and diamonds, why not heating and air conditioning?