Melbourne Residents in Florida Share Easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Stay cool

After a hot and humid day out in the sun at Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands, you’ll be happy to come home to a home that is delightfully cool. Melbourne, FL, of Brevard County, sees some of the hottest average temperatures in the U.S., along with elevated levels of humidity. It’s no wonder you’re here looking for some tips to stay cool in the upcoming summer months.


Below are some easy ways to keep your cool when the summer heat heat goes into gear:

Use curtains and shades

If the sun is glaring through your windows, more heat is coming in, and staying in via the greenhouse effect. To avoid this, pull down the shades and draw the curtains shut to deflect any direct sunlight that may have been piercing its way through.

Keep windows closed

While this may seem obvious if your air conditioner is on, it’s still a helpful tip even if you’re not running AC. Keeping the windows closed prevents warm air and humidity from entering your home.  

Keep humidity down

Besides keeping your windows closed, it’s important to reduce humidity in other ways. One foolproof way is by using a dehumidifier. If this isn’t convenient, take the necessary precautions to keeping moisture low in your house. Some of these include: keeping the bathroom window cracked or using an exhaust fan during hot showers, using an overhead exhaust fan while cooking, using ceiling or stand up fans to circulate humid air.

Turn off the lights

Not only will you save on electricity, but you’ll save on cooling costs. Some lightbulbs give off more heat than others, but regardless, it is smart to keep any lights off when not in use.

Check filters

Lack of airflow? It may be from a buildup of dust particles in your filters. Make sure to clean or replace them to keep your air conditioner’s airflow running optimally. Neglecting air conditioner filters could be one of the reasons why you’re not staying so cool in the summer. This is also considered preventative maintenance, which will save you money in the long run from more costly repairs.      

Have AC unit serviced

If all else fails, you should call up an AC serviceman to take a look at your air conditioner system. They will check all of the components that may be hindering your air conditioner’s ability to work at peak performance. So before you find yourself driving up to the wholesale air conditioner outlet for an AC replacement, consider the more inexpensive alternatives.