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Two Sarasota guys make the UBER of HVAC

Sarasota-based hopes to join the ranks of companies such as Uber, Netflix and Amazon by offering a website that unites equipment sales with a membership service providing trained contractors.

View full article opens HVAC franchise in Bowling Green, KY opens HVAC franchise in Bowling Green, KY, a service that provides consumers with a flat, consistent pricing and freedom from hidden charges and fees, has launched a local franchise in Bowling Green, Ky.

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MARK HUEY: ‘Never-retires’ Critical to Sarasota’s Economy

Jim Abrams and Art Lambert are two “never-retires” that are greatly impacting Sarasota County with their extensive skills and experience.

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Entrepreneur Returns

Jim Abrams and Praxis S-10 introduce Success Days; free sessions that provide real-life strategies on how contractors can overcome challenges.

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Industry Veterans Launch Success College for Contractors

Three industry veterans join forces to create PRAXIS S-10: an innovative new success college for contractors.

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HVAC Industry Veterans Launch New Group

Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson are launching a new contractor group, tailored for small HVAC contractors.

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