Orem Residents in Utah share What to Do When Your AC Goes Out

When you live in Orem, Utah, you probably have your AC running most of the time during summer. With your AC, your home is cool, comfortable, and you can enjoy the warm, dry summers. Although, that changes if your air conditioner stops working. Your home can quickly become warm, and with lowered air quality. Depending on what caused it to fail, you may find it quite easy to get it back in working order, or you may need to call a repairman.

Before you do anything else, check that there is power going to the rest of your house, and the rest of your neighbourhood. It might just be a power outage to your whole neighbourhood that’s causing the problem. If the rest of your home and neighbourhood has power, then you should check your outside unit, and look to see if the condenser is running. You should also check that everything is properly plugged in, and that nothing has become loose. If everything is working properly outside, check that the thermostat has been set correctly, and that the batteries have power. Try lowering the thermostat by ten degrees, and check that it is set to cool. Also check your fuses or circuit breaker, as it may be a simple matter of resetting the circuit breaker or replacing the fuse. If, after all this, the AC still doesn’t work, then the problem may be more severe, and will require a professional technician to fix it.

If your AC is turning on, but isn’t producing cool air, then the problem may be with the condenser coil. You should check your outside unit, and make sure it has two meters of clearance in all directions. You may need to cut back any foliage around the unit. Check the coil and make sure that it’s clean. You should also check your filter, and see if it needs to be cleaned or changed. If this doesn’t help, then you need to have a professional repair man assess your air conditioner, as it might be that the coolant, or the compressor are causing the fault.

If your unit isn’t cooling your home properly, and you are sure that the thermostat is set correctly, then it’s probable that the unit isn’t the right size. A unit that is too small for your home won’t be able to keep an even temperature throughout. In this case, you will need an AC replacement. Many Orem residents recommend looking for a wholesale air conditioner retailer, as it tends to be a much more cost effective option.