Palm Springs Residents In California Share Easy AC Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

Palm Springs, CA has a permanent population of around 180,000 people. It is estimated that the city will experience a seasonal rise of population to 240,000. Air conditioning in your Palm Springs, CA home can certainly add hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month to your electric bill in the summer. Fortunately, that shouldn’t be the case. All you have to do is to ensure that your AC unit is operating efficiently.

The following are some of the easy AC tips you can apply to stay cool this summer:

Give your air conditioner a tune up

Just as a car needs a tune-up frequently, the same applies to your air conditioning system. If it has been over one year since it was checked, then it is highly advisable to hire a HVAC technician to come and check the coolant levels, clean coils as well as assess the airflow on the cooling coils. Conducting a thorough inspection confirms whether each part is in an excellent working order. There is no doubt that a well-tuned air conditioner usually runs more efficiently and will ensure your house remains cool in the summer.

Have the ductwork professionally cleaned

With time, dust and dirt gathers in your ductwork. They act as obstructions. Additionally, they can clog evaporator coils as well as damage the moving parts. An air conditioning technician boasts the expertise and has the tools to thoroughly clean the ductwork. He or she can also check for leaks while at it. In doing so, you’re sure that the system will perform effectively during summer to ensure your house is cool.

Set the thermostat higher

It is of significant importance to note the fact that each degree you raise in terms of temperature usually translates to lower electric bills. Consequently, if you know that you will step out from the house for some hours, it is prudent that you kick up your thermostat. It doesn’t make any sense to pay for cool air, which you’re not around to enjoy.


With the above tips, you will not only be able to remain cool in the summer in Palm Springs, CA, but you’ll also manage to bring down your energy bills substantially. As a resident of the desert city, the last thing you want is to put up with a dysfunctional wholesale air conditioner when it is hot outside. Employ the above tips and you’ll definitely enjoy a cool summer for sure.