Peoria Residents in Illinois share Easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

If you ask any resident of Peoria, what is the most important device in the home during the summer period, they will probably answer – the air conditioner. After the introduction of residential air conditioners in the 1970s, their popularity has been increasing every year. It is assumed that the vast majority of the 45,000 households in the River City have an air conditioner. Some of them have more than one air conditioner. Since residents of Peoria, Illinois have much experience with air conditioners, they are qualified to share easy AC tips that will help anyone stay cool this summer. Keep reading if you want to learn more about these easy AC tips.

Shade your AC unit

Numerous tests have shown that AC units with adequate shading are reaching the desired temperature much faster. They are also able to maintain this temperature without any problems. As we all know, air found in a shaded space is much cooler than the one exposed to sunlight which means that your device will cool the air easily.

Close the vents, doors, and windows

There are two ways in which you can use this advice. First of all, whenever your AC is on, you should make sure that every window and door in the room is closed. The second way to maximize the effects delivered by your AC unit is to close the doors of the rooms that you are not using. There is no point in cooling the areas that you don’t use.

Don’t expose the thermostat to heat

AC users should avoid putting TVs, lamps, audio equipment or other devices that create heat close to the thermostat. One of the main goals of the thermostat is to measure the heat and in this way, you will provide incorrect indicators which will only make your AC work harder without any need. Of course, it would be great if the thermostat is not exposed to sunlight directly.

Set the right temperature

While we are talking about the thermostat, we should also mention that it is a smart move to turn it up a few degrees. A temperature between 75 and 78 degrees inside your home during a hot summer day will definitely make you feel comfortable. You will prevent shocks when you enter or leave your home.

Consider AC replacement

There is a chance that your AC is outdated and inefficient. In cases like this, AC replacement is your best option. Opt for a wholesale air conditioner with a good energy efficiency ranking. Think about the size of the AC unit you are buying.

Call a professional AC service provider

Finally, you should take care of your air conditioner by calling a well-established AC service provider. They will clean the components of your AC unit and maximize its efficiency helping you enjoy a cooler summer in your home. These professionals will also provide useful advice and small tips that will optimize the work of your AC unit.