Review of Maytag M1200 Series 24.5 SEER PSA4BI iQ Drive Air Conditioner

Maytag is one of the most dependable appliance brands on the market today. The Maytag M1200 Series reinforces that reputation of dependability and innovation. This may be the most efficient residential central AC on the market with a 24.5 SEER rating. The modulating compressor runs on enough power to maintain a precise indoor temperature with almost no waste and little inefficiency. This unit saves the average homeowner 50 to 60 percent on their cooling costs when replacing models just 10 to 15 years old. This unit was included on our Top Rated Central Air Conditioners list for 2013 for all these reasons, and more.

This is not a unit to ignore if you are looking to lower your energy bills, save energy, and live in a warm climate. Admittedly, this unit is not ideal for cooler climates. This model exceeds the 10-year industry standard with a 12-year limited warranty which covers the entire unit. We recommend using an experienced professional to install your HVAC unit. Professional installation will guarantee that your unit performs optimally for the next 15 years. A technician with HVAC know-how will make sure that the system is installed correctly, tune it to match the other components, and adjust the system’s blower motor for greatest efficiency and performance.

Here are a few key features of this model:

  • Industry-leading 24.5 SEER.
  • Innovative modulating rotary compressor produces just enough cooling to precisely control temperature.
  • Maytag iQ Drive technology works within a matching system to create balanced indoor comfort.
  • The iQ Drive controller offers humidity settings from 35 to 70 percent while air conditioning.
  • R-410A refrigerant (brand name Smart Cool 410) is safer for the environment and more efficient.
  • iQ Zone offers zoned cooling for up to 8 zones.
  • Quiet operation at 900 rpm (most units run at 3,600 rpm).
  • Permanently lubricated motor reduces the need for maintenance.
  • One-piece top offers better protection while allowing maximum air flow.
  • Brushed stainless steel cabinet is durable, attractive, and resistant to corrosion.
  • Accessories include: UV air purifier, humidifier, and electronic air cleaner.

Here are some sample prices, according to tonnage:

  • 2 ton Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $3,179
  • 3 ton Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $3,349
  • 4 ton Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $3,769
  • 5 ton Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $4,179