Review of Maytag Model M1200 – 15 SEER Heat Pump

Maytag has emerged as an HVAC leader in the past 5-10 years and now makes some of the most efficient, highest performing heat pumps on the market.  The Maytag model M1200 15 SEER model isn’t the efficiency leader in their lineup, but it can certainly hold its own. This unit will reduce energy costs by 25 to 35 percent in most homes. It’s also one of the best-looking heat pumps on the market with a brushed stainless steel cabinet that protect the unit with a corrosion-resistant finish with safe, rounded edges. Maytag has a reputation for quality, and consumer reviews reflect that in this unit. The manufacturer’s track record for reliability is one of the best in the industry.

Here are a few key features of this unit:

  • This is an Energy Star product that features 15 SEER air conditioning when matched with a variable-speed air handler or gas furnace.
  • Dual-fuel capability allows you use it with an air handler in warm climates and a gas furnace when temperatures dip below 40 degrees.
  • The option to choose standard R22 refrigerant or Smart Cool 410 (R-410A), which is safer for the environment.
  • The single-piece top reduces noise and protects the internal components.
  • The unit has a single-stage scroll compressor.
  • The stainless-steel cabinet with rounded corners, is extra-safe and protects the unit for life.
  • Optional add-ons: UV air purifier, programmable thermostat, humidifier, and electronic air cleaner.

Here is some sample pricing, according to tonnage:

  • 2 ton Maytag M1200 – 15 SEER heat pump: $1,599
  • 3 ton Maytag M1200 – 15 SEER heat pump: $1,899
  • 4 ton Maytag M1200 – 15 SEER heat pump: $2,179

The prices are on the higher end, but you get what you pay for. This model exceeds the 10-year industry standard with a 12-year limited warranty which covers the entire unit. Consider installing this unit with a variable-speed air handler or gas furnace to get the highest efficiency and most comfortable indoor climate. This will make with difference between a rating of 14 SEER instead of 15.  We recommend using an experienced professional to install your heat pump. Professional installation will guarantee that your unit performs optimally for the next 15 years. A technician with HVAC know-how will make sure that the system is installed correctly, tune it to match the other components, and adjust the system’s blower motor for greatest efficiency and performance. Review of Maytag Model M1200 – 15 SEER Heat Pump