Salt Lake City Residents in UT share easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

When summer comes, the most obvious thing that all house owners do is go for the air conditioner maintenance. Certainly, when a city like Salt Lake reaches at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit in summers with intense heat and humidity, it simply becomes impossible for the house owners to bear the heat or sit or sleep comfortably. Therefore, the most obvious solution for this problem is an AC.

But does simply running an AC do the trick and help in staying cool on hot summer days? Indeed, no! If so, what are the alternatives?

Running out of situations is not an alternative. So, to help you out the residents of Salt Lake City, UT we have shared some easy tips with you that will help you in staying cool this summer, along with cutting down your utility bills.

Let us get started!

Air vents

The first step that you need to take is leaving all your air vents open. This is because it will help in improving the effectiveness of the cooling system thus providing a cool atmosphere in the house. Besides, this also helps in reducing pressure on the AC for working harder during the hot summer days, consequently, reducing the electricity bills.

Air conditioners and heat pumps

  • The setting of the thermostat between 78 to 80 degrees helps in keeping a cool temperature inside the room, along with saving on cooling costs for about 2 to 3%.
  • Turning the air conditioning fan to Auto helps in switching off the motor fan automatically when the unit is not working which helps save the energy and the utility cost.
  •  Scheduling maintenance service every year is a must to keep the AC cooling effectively.
  • Cleaning of debris every now and then is important in order to make the AC components work properly. If this is not done on time, it will damage the unit and there would be no other option besides an AC replacement.
  • Investing in the right appliance is a must. Buy a unit based on the size and brand because these have a major role to play in the cooling functionality, efficiency and operating cost. Therefore, choose an appliance which is perfect according to your household space.
  • Next, make sure the ceiling fans blow downward during the summer so that the air is circulated well.
  • Replacing of air filters is also another way to stay cool in summers and reduce the energy bills.

Effective suggestions, isn’t it?

So, make sure you adhere to these suggestions that will help you enjoy the hot summer days with your family at your home. If there is some major problem with the unit, you need to contact the wholesale air conditioner in or near your city for an effective solution.