Sarasota, Florida Residents Share AC Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

For years, Sarasota has remained a heaven for both residents and visitors. Its picturesque sceneries, lovely beaches, and hospitality of the residents remain unmatched. The residents have mastered useful air conditioning tips that help them to enjoy every minute of the paradise. Whether you are new to Sarasota or want to borrow their tricks, here are some useful tips for staying cool.

What you need to know about Sarasota

Sarasota was founded in 1763 though it was incorporated more than a decade later in 1902. The early explorers started arriving at Charlotte Harbor around 1513. Later in 1819 after the United States acquired Florida, Fort Armistead was established in the Sarasota Bay. By the year 2000, Sarasota had a total population of 52,715 people with whites forming the majority (76.9%) followed by African-Americans (16.0%). The US Census Bureau indicates that by 2000, about 19.7% of the Sarasota resident families had children below 18 years.

Since 1949, Sarasota has remained the home to Sarasota Orchestra. This is a unique music festival that was founded by Ruth Cotton. The Sarasota Music Festival has become renowned internationally as tourists book facilities to match with the event. Other cultural attractions include the Sarasota Chalk Festival held at Burns Square and the Sarasota Film Festival that attracts a lot of independent producers.

Easy AC tips for staying cool this summer

  • Firing the grill and cooking outdoors

The sunshine is abundant, and the cold temperatures are gone! Sarasota residents outsmart the summertime by lighting the grill and cooking outdoors. This will help reduce the temperatures inside the house and reduce the work of their air conditioners.

  • Plant several trees to shade the AC unit

To reduce work of the AC system and raise its efficiency, many Sarasota residents plant trees around the air intake point. This is a permanent solution that will work for you in the long term and extend the lifespan of the AC system.

  • Learn simple AC maintenance tips

Many AC issues that worsen to serious problems can be avoided by learning simple maintenance tips. It is, therefore, important to reach an AC replacement expert for some help. You could also talk to a wholesale air conditioner dealer for assistance. Some of the common maintenance tips include cleaning the inner and outer unit, lubricating the moving parts, and replacing the filter.

  • Supplement the AC operation with natural conditioning

While you have acquired and installed an AC system to cool the house, it is advisable to use natural methods to supplement its operations. You should install reflective surfaces such as shiny blinds, roofs, or solar panels to reflect away solar radiation. This will keep the ambient temperatures as well as those inside the house as low as possible.