Signs Your Air Conditioner is about to Fail in the Heat of Concord, NC

Due to the heat and humidity in Concord, NC, an air conditioner is an essential item. Concord is an amazing city and the name means harmony. Hopefully this is the case for the 85,000 residents who call it home. With the change in seasons in this area many problems can begin when an air conditioner begins to fail. It the AC unit does this than a repair or replacement seems to be on the cards. One of the first signs that the system is not working properly is the fact that the cool air is not coming out. Many times, this will be a sign that the compressor has failed or is failing or that the refrigerant levels are low. Poor air flow is another sign, and again this will be the fault of the compressor. Often it will be specific areas that are affected and when this happens, it is the duct that needs to be looked at. It is likely that particles are in the vents and this must be dealt with. Failure to do an AC replacement in this instance will lead to health issues.

Thermostat and Moisture

This is another option when there are certain areas of the house where the system appears to be working and others that are not getting a decent air flow. Moisture can appear where it should not be and often it will be because there is a leak. The refrigerant could be the problem and this is going to be the more serious of the two options could cause health implications, this needs to be dealt with right away. The other cause of a leak will be when the drain tubes become blocked. As it is no longer removing the condensation, it will need to be sorted out as failure to do so can lead to mold forming.

Noises and Smells

Different noises in the air conditioning can mean different faults, but in all cases, they could be signs that the system is about to fail. It will be best to speak with someone about a wholesale air conditioner before it is too late. If it is a squealing noise, it could be that the belt is no longer in the correct place, or that lubrication needs to be added to a part. If the sound is more like a grinding noise it is a sign of broken motor bearings.

If there is a horrible smell, you will know that the wiring insulation is burned out. When the smell is mustier, it tends to suggest that there is mold inside and this must be dealt with right away. There are many merchants in Concord who sell antiques and pieces of fine art and fortunately there are also plenty of them selling air conditioning units too.