Signs your Air Conditioner is about to fail in the heat of Manasquan, New Jersey

When the long-awaited summer days come and residents of Manasquan prepare to turn their air conditioners on, many of them will ask themselves whether they should check and/or service their AC units or not. Having an air conditioner in Manasquan is a must because the days (and nights) in this borough can get quite warm at this time of the year. With a maximum temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit in June, July, and August, Manasquan is one of those places where residents have to rely on the power of their AC units. If you want to be sure that your air conditioner is working properly and that you won’t fall in the heat of Manasquan this summer, then you should pay closer attention to the signs your air conditioner is sending. In case you notice some of these signs, you should know that it is the right time to call an air conditioner service provider.

Weird noises

Almost every electronic device makes certain noises and air conditioners are not an exception. The vast majority of people are familiar with the specific sound that AC units make. But, when the sound of your air conditioner is changed in any way, you should be more careful. For instance, a sharp squealing sound might suggest issues with the belt (something similar to car belts). On the other hand, rattling noises are often associated with loose parts. In a situation like this, call a professional right away.

Stale/warm air

The basic purpose of every air conditioner is to create cool air in your house. In case this is not what you are experiencing, it is very likely that your evaporator coils are frozen. There are AC owners that are melting the coils outside and bring them back in the unit, but in case this is something that is happening on a regular basis, you should call a professional AC repairer. They can determine the cause of the problem and if the coils are irreparable you can either opt for AC replacement or coil replacement.

Unusual smell

Let’s be clear – your AC unit should not create an unusual odor. If there is an odd odor that comes from the air conditioner, prepare for a repair. In most cases, this unusual smell means that the drain is clogged and has mildew and bacteria in it. In some cases, you will have to clean the duct too.

Unstable temperatures

In case the temperature of air that is blown out of the AC is different all the time even though you are not changing anything, you should probably get the thermostat calibrated. Once again, you can count on professional AC service providers for this job. They have the tools, experience, and knowledge to conduct a task like this.

These are just some of the signs that something is not right with your air conditioner. If you notice any of them act quickly – call a professional AC repair service or prepare to invest in a wholesale air conditioner.