Signs Your Air Conditioner Is About to Fail in the Heat of Melbourne, Florida

Before it’s too late…

It’s always better to be in the know when it comes to things like a failing car or a home appliance on the fritz. It allows you to prepare for the worst, and not be caught off guard. You likely wouldn’t ignore your car making grinding or squealing noises, so you shouldn’t neglect your air conditioner just the same. In Melbourne, Florida, it is no joke to be caught with no air conditioning in the sweltering summer months. This Brevard County harbor town reaches average temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s.

Look for these clues that may signal that your air conditioner is failing:


Burning electrical smells coming from the vents while your air conditioner is running means something is likely going wrong in the unit. If the insulation on the air conditioner’s wire has worn out and is burning up, it will cause a strong odor to seep into the vents into your living space. Check the wires or call an HVAC repairman to service your air conditioner unit.


If you hear any unpleasant sounds like squealing, grinding, or banging coming from your air conditioner, it’s time to get it looked at—the sooner the better. A neglected belt or fan will result in further damage to the unit, resulting in higher repair costs or a full blown AC replacement.

Excess Moisture

Take caution if you notice any excess liquid on or around your air conditioner unit. This could be refrigerant, which is very harmful to your health. Call to have the unit serviced to avoid contact with the liquid. If it’s found to be just water, it likely means that the drain tubes are obstructed or leaking, which will still need a repair. Either way, it is wise to call for a repairman to avoid the problems from getting worse, requiring extensive repairs or replacement.

No cold air

If you notice that the air blowing out from your vents is no longer ice cold like it once was, it may be time to get your air conditioner looked at or replaced. No cold air may mean that the AC compressor is malfunctioning, or that the refrigerant is low or empty. Be sure to check wholesale air conditioner shops or big box hardware stores in Melbourne, Florida, along Wickham or Minton road if you’re in need of a replacement unit.

Weak airflow

If the inhibited airflow is concentrated to only a room or two, it may be that there are obstructions in the ductwork that need cleaning. If it’s discovered that all of the filters and ducts are clean, yet the airflow remains low, then you may have a malfunctioning air compressor on your hands. This will either require repair or a complete AC replacement.