Signs your Air Conditioner is about to fail in the heat of Orem, Utah

The summers in Orem, Utah are incredible. There’s lots to do, and the hot, dry weather is amazing. During this time, you probably depend on your air conditioner quite a lot. One of the worst things that could happen on a hot summer day is that the air conditioner stops working. There are some signs that you need to watch for that can indicate that there’s a problem with you AC.

1. No Cool Air

One of the most noticeable signs that there’s something wrong with your air conditioner is that it stops producing cool air. If there’s no cool air, or the air isn’t quite as cool as it used to be, then it needs to be checked by a professional. This can be a sign that there’s something wrong with the refrigerant, or with the compressor. This usually means that you need an AC replacement, although sometimes, the problem can be fixed.

2. No Airflow

If your unit has no airflow, or if the airflow is weaker than usual, it could be caused by something as simple as blocked vents. Check your vents and clear any blockages. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then it might be that the problem is with the compressor. A repairman may be able to fix it, or you may need a replacement.

3. Leakage

If you notice leakage around your air conditioner, then there is usually two possible causes. The first is simply that there’s a blocked or broken drain. This can usually be repaired quite easily. The other possible explanation is that the leak is coming from the coolant, and this needs to be checked by a professional as quickly as possible.

4. Noises

If your unit begins to make unusual noises, then you should call a professional to examine the unit as soon as possible. Some problems can worsen over time, and a technician may be able to repair the unit before it completely fails.

5. Uneven Temperatures

If the temperature is uneven throughout your home, then it could be that your thermostat is to blame. You could check that it has been set properly, and that the batteries have been changed. If this doesn’t work, then you should call a repair technician.

6. Odors

Odors can indicate problems with your air conditioner. A musty odor can be a sign that there’s mold in the system. You may be able to find it and clean it yourself. Other odors can be a sign that the wire insulation has burned out, and this will need to be repaired by a professional technician.

As a general rule, the key to avoiding an AC replacement is to have a technician examine the unit quickly. If you do find that you need a new air conditioner, then you should try wholesale air conditioner retailers, as it may be a much cheaper option.