Tampa Residents In FL Share Easy AC Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

The heat in Tampa in the summer is no joke. During the warmest months of July and August the temperature regularly is in the 90s or even over 100. Tampa has great beaches but sometimes during the summer it’s just too hot to be outdoors even at the beach where it’s usually a few degrees cooler. Staying at home with the air conditioner running on high is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon in Tampa. Here are some other ways that Tampa residents keep cool during the intense summer heat in Florida:

Visit The Tampa Theater

The Tampa Theater is one of the few remaining movie theaters that really gives moviegoers a thrilling Old Hollywood experience. The beautiful architecture and vast theaters inside are air conditioned and cool throughout the day so you and the kids can watch a movie and stay nice and cool while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Have An Indoor Picnic

When you want to have a summer picnic but it’s just too hot to be outside have an indoor picnic instead. Put a tablecloth on the floor in the sun room or in the middle of the living room and sit on the floor with the kids eating snacks and sandwiches. Heat rises so sitting on the floor will enable all of you to stay cooler. If you have wood or tile floors they will be nice and cool to sit on too.

Keep Air Flowing In The House

Sometimes in the heat of a Tampa summer air conditioners can have trouble keeping the house as cool as you’d like. One way to make the air conditioner work more efficiently and cool off the whole house is to make sure that the house has good air flow. Ceiling fans can move air from one room to another without making your power bill jump. If you don’t have ceiling fans table top fans or box fans work well too. Keeping the air flowing will bring down the temperature in the house quickly.

Keep The Temperature Constant

You might be tempted to turn up the thermostat during the day to save money on your power bill. But it’s actually easier for your air conditioner to keep the temperature constant. It will also use more power if you keep raising and lowering the temperature. Pick a comfortable temperature and leave the thermostat at that temperature to keep the house consistently cool.